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Absolute Oxygen™ is a super-oxygenated colon, liver, and blood cleanser, and general body detoxifier. It releases large quantities of Oxygen within the body; eliminating old toxic waste from the colon, liver, blood, brain, and, eventually, the entire cellular structure. Absolute Oxygen™ quickly destroys viruses, harmful bacteria, fungi, and parasites in the body; enabling the immune system to flourish and return to its youthful vigour.

Absolute Oxygen™

Absolute Oxygen™ is a uniquely formulated Magnesium Peroxide compound, encapsulated with Vitamin C and Bioflavonoids. Read more about Absolute Oxygen™

Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen Therapy is a highly effective cure for most illnesses, diseases, and conditions; including constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, asthma, diabetes, obesity, chronic fatigue, hypertension, poor circulation, candida albicans, arthritis, herpes, emphysema, cancer, diverticulitis, joint inflammation, lupus; and, the vast majority of most viruses, harmful bacteria, and fungi – these organisms cannot survive within an oxygen-rich environment.

Oxygen Therapy as a Treatment for Herpes

Herpes has long been considered an incurable affliction, and sufferers have been advised to do their best to combat the symptoms without being able to rid themselves of the disease. Is it possible that there is, in fact a cure for the herpes virus?

Fatigue – Symptoms And Oxygen As A Remedy

Chronic Fatigue has become an ever-greater problem to be contended with in modern life. While standard medical science cannot offer a sure-fire remedy, Oxygen Therapy holds the answer to this problem.

Oxygen Therapy As An Alternative Treatment For Diabetes

Oxygen Therapy has long been neglected as a treatment for Diabetes. However, with the rapid proliferation of the disease, more people are looking into alternative treatments as an answer to the ailments suffered by diabetics.