If Oxygen Therapies are so effective against the vast majority of diseases; including Cancer and Aids, then why are so many people dying and if Oxygen Therapies are so successful in treating Arthritis, Candida and ME/Chronic Fatigue, then why are so many people in pain and suffering?

The answer to this is both simple and complicated. In a nutshell, Oxygen Therapies are about you taking your power back from the so-called “experts” who have conspicuously let us down for so long, that they have agendas (both financial and conspiratorial) not to even admit the existence of, let alone the efficacy of alternatives. Conventional Medicine is great in emergencies – I’m the first to say that when you break a ligament, you call an ambulance and not an aromatherapist. But, when it comes to chronic degenerative disease, the medical profession is floundering. To admit that they have failed and that an alternative, simple, cheap approach that has, in fact, been known about for decades, has been available and highly effective, is an act of courage many health professionals are so eager *not* to make that they won’t even let themselves check as to whether the therapy works.

The cynical angle, perhaps, is that Oxygen cannot be patented or marketed to any great financial advantage. But the reasons you haven’t heard about all this before go deeper. Let me quote you from an article called: “Aids, Cancer, cured by Hyper-Oxidation” by Waves Forest. He asks, what you are probably asking: “If Oxygen Therapies can cure nearly all known diseases, including Cancer and Aids, and its been around for so long, then why doesn’t everybody know about it?” He replies:

“Turning the question around helps clarify the problem. Just exactly what would happen if a cure was discovered that was completely effective against the vast majority of diseases, ridiculously plentiful, and, in most cases, could be self-administered without a physician?

Would the current medical establishment welcome a breakthrough that could render 98% of all drugs, testing, and disease-related surgery obsolete? What would be the response of the pharmaceutical industrialists, hospital chain owners, health insurance moguls, AMA and FDA?

Would you expect to read or hear such an announcement from any medical journal or media outlet owned by people financially committed to the medical status quo; which is practically all of them? How many would want to help their own occupation become unnecessary? ”

The reasons for the suppression fall into 3 categories:

  • Financial: Oxygen cannot really be patented.
  • Ostrich-like openmindedness: “I’m an expert. If it worked, I’d already know about it. I don’t already know about it, therefore, it can’t work.” This seems ludicrous but it is true – despite science’s ostensible agenda being to embrace new discoveries and pursue promising lines of research with vigour, the history of science, from Galileo onwards, is littered with sad denials of this purpose. It seems that once an “expert” is full up with knowledge, then there’s just no room for any more – and anything that undermines the basis of that knowledge, requires a revision of it, or, even worse – abandoning it, is just not on. The sad truth is that there is no community as unscientific as the scientific community, which all too often allows its theories to dictate its experience rather than vice versa.
  • The NIH Syndrome: NIH – Not Invented Here. If I/we/my company didn’t invent it, then it doesn’t exist. Again, ludicrous, but all too common.

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