Why Your Brain Needs Oxygen

Your brain only makes up roughly 3% of your total body mass and yet it consumes more than 20% of the total oxygen used by your body. A telling fact, indeed, is that your brain’s consumption of the oxygen content in your bloodstream sees a noticeable increase during times of mental activities such as studying and sustained concentration.

Essentially, your brain uses oxygen as food!

In order to continue to function effectively your brain must have high enough levels of oxygen delivered via your bloodstream. Whether that oxygen comes from oxygen therapy, supplements, some form of medical treatment, or the atmosphere, your brain needs it to continue effectively ensuring healthy functioning of the body.

Bad memory, lack of concentration, bad balance; these are all side effects of your brain not getting enough oxygen from your bloodstream.

Consider it; whenever you exercise, your breathing rate increases. This is because each and every cell in your body – your brain included – requires the elevated level of oxygen from your blood in order to produce the energy levels required to function at peak performance.

What Your brain Does For You

We all know that there isn’t a function of your body that is not controlled by your brain, but the magnitude of this fact tends to escape most of us. To give you an idea of the kind of damage a lack of oxygen can do to your life and health, let’s take a look at everything your brain controls:

  • Thoughts
  • Memory
  • Vision
  • Attention
  • Emotions
  • Pain perception
  • Balance
  • Posture
  • Bladder function
  • Muscle Tone
  • Blood Pressure
  • Sexual Function
  • Digestion
  • Recovery >From Injury

The frightening thing, is that this list is only the tip of the iceberg when one looks at everything your brain controls. Simply put: your brain is in control of everything.

This means that if your bloodstream isn’t carrying enough oxygen to your brain, and your brain, as a result, ceases to function at it’s optimal efficiency, the potential problems you could encounter are essentially limitless!

How To Get More Oxygen Into Your Bloodstream And, Therefore, To Your Brain

There are many ways to increase the level of oxygen in your bloodstream; some medical and some simply habitual. Below are some examples of commonly accepted practices and methods of attaining elevated oxygen levels in the bloodstream:

  • Oxygen Therapy: Traditionally, Oxygen Therapy was an applied treatment, using medical equipment to increase the level of oxygen in the bloodstream. Today oxygen therapy capsules and supplements are available that can be used for maintaining the necessary elevated oxygen levels.
  • Posture: Yes, something as simple as correct posture can help allow more oxygen into your bloodstream. Standing straight, with your shoulders rolled back keeps the pathways open, allowing for deeper breathing.
  • Exercise: Aerobic exercise opens the pathways in the body that deliver oxygen to your cells.
  • Stop Smoking: You had to see this one coming! Smoking inhibits your body’s ability to absorb oxygen, meaning less oxygen per breath of air! It isn’t easy to quit smoking and it is recommended that you attend quitting seminars or use products such as nicotine patches. People who do are twice as likely to quit as those who don’t.

The methods of increasing oxygen levels in your bloodstream are obviously not limited to those listed above. These are just some of the simpler and more easily achieved techniques. Such factors as to where you live and even what you eat can dramatically impact the oxygen in your bloodstream.