Herpes- Is There A Remedy for Your Suffering?

If you subscribe to current popular opinion, then there is no cure for the *Herpes Simplex* virus (the infectious virus responsible for Herpes outbreaks).

This virus infects your body and may lay dormant within your cells for years between outbreaks of the lesions and rashes that burst through soft skin which are instantly recognisable symptoms of the affliction.

If you accept that there is no cure for Herpes you will simply have to rely on a healthy lifestyle and diet, and hope that a reasonably strong immune system is sufficient to keep these symptoms at bay.

If you do not subscribe to popular opinion however; if you dig a little deeper into the information available to you, you will find that there is indeed a cure for the Herpes virus – a healthy and natural remedy.

Causes and transmission of Herpes

Before discussing how to cure Herpes though, lets take a closer look at the virus itself.

Herpes is a virus that infiltrates your cells, replicating itself from within the cell. This is why curing the condition is so difficult. Many medical practitioners have found themselves stumped as to how exactly to destroy the virus without damaging the otherwise healthy cells it invades.

Transmitted by physical contact with someone who is already infected or by contact with the bodily fluids of an infected individual, Herpes spreads easily, and is near-impossible to remove. Certain strains of the virus are incredibly hardy.

The ease with which Herpes is transmitted is testified to by the fact that a majority of all adults today have one type of Herpes or the other (even if they don’t display any of the symptoms). The most common forms of Herpes are HSV1 (Herpes Simplex Virus 1) – also known as cold sores and HSV2 (Herpes Simplex Virus 2) – i.e. Genital Herpes which is most commonly, but not only – transmitted by sexual contact.

Autohemotherapy – Ozone Therapy proven to cure Herpes and more

Have you ever heard of Autohemotherapy? Probably not. Despite its popularity and widespread use throughout Europe, the administration of *Ozone Therapy* is largely unknown in countries like South Africa and America.

This Ozone Therapy involves the direct infusion of ozone into the blood of the patient. “To what end?” you might ask. Well, ozone is known to have extremely powerful antiviral properties. Once in the blood it works to boost the immune system and destroys harmful bacteria and viruses.

The therapy has even been found to have the ability to stunt, and even reverse the growth of cancerous tumours! Considering this feat – also in defiance of current popular opinion – Ozone Therapy has been found to be more than capable of fighting off a number of supposedly “incurable” diseases – Herpes included.

The joy of Ozone Therapy is that it is a natural form of treatment. As opposed to the unknown chemical compounds present in other, more well-known treatments of some of the afflictions cured by Autohemotherapy, Ozone Therapy is exactly what it purports to be – ozone.

Oxygen as a treatment for Herpes

As with other diseases, the most effective way to remedy the symptoms of Herpes is also the most natural way.

Oxygen Therapy has been proven to fight infection at a cellular level, and strengthen your immune system through oxygenation of the blood. This is reasonably logical. After all, Ozone Therapy, which cures Herpes, is essentially an extra potent form of Oxygen Therapy.

This website has discussed, at length, some of the many benefits of increasing the level of oxygen in your blood. The treatment of Herpes using Oxygen Therapy is just another example of this.

Because Oxygen Therapy oxygenates the blood, operating at a cellular level, without causing harm to the body, it is perfectly suited to combat the Herpes Virus.

Oxygen Therapy is a powerful antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal therapy. In combating most viruses, it is a safe, natural and highly effective treatment for assisting the body in destroying the Herpes virus. And many other conditions too!